Can your 24-ounce soda do this?

This was probably about the 11th-most inane thing that Rush Limbaugh, but I heard it when I was in the car earlier and it stuck with me. He started talking about how many quadrillion gallons of water there are in the Gulf of Mexico and thus he claimed that if the Gulf were the size of the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington (actually, nothing is the size of Cowboys Stadium, but I digress....), the entire BP oil spill would be the size of a 24-ounce soda.


So does that mean that spilling that one soda would cause sticky, sugary soda to wash up on dozens of seats ringing the playing field, or coat pelican or sea-turtle-sized fans from head to toe in brown liquid. Because that would have to happen for his analogy to make any sense.

Besides, I thought this was Obama's Katrina, but I guess that was before the spill was (hopefully) capped. Now, it's just a drop in the bucket -- no reason to come down on Big Oil or Big Business or Big Whatever. Maybe right-wing talkers like Limbaugh don't care about the oil spill at all, other than how it fits into whatever that day's Big Republican talking point is.