Do you believe that Corbett has something against women?


"It is very stressful because you have to worry about how to pay the next bill," Dougherty told the Daily News. She said that without child-care support for her daughter, she may have to quit her job with a cleaning service and do occasional night work and side jobs. "It's hard. Everything is so expensive. You've got to get sneakers, school supplies, diapers, wipes, formula. I do get public assistance and it helps, but it doesn't really last."

Dougherty is just one example of how Gov. Corbett's budget cuts have hurt women in Pennsylvania. Since taking office, he has reduced funding for health-care and child-care services that directly affect women. Also, he has made other cuts and changes that take a far greater toll on women than on men — like reducing money for job training and homeless services, as well as introducing means-testing for food stamps.

And while working moms like Dougherty struggle, big business is getting tax breaks, critics say. The budget for the 2012-13 fiscal year includes more than $300 million in business-tax cuts and credits and a no-cap tax credit potentially worth up to $1.7 billion over 25 years for Shell Chemical to build a refinery in Beaver County.

In other Corbett impeachment news, John Baer is fine with voters producing ID but not in the ill-planned, rushed, half-assed, looks-like-nothing-more-than-an-elect-Romney-conspiracy way that the governor and friends are doing it. A must-read column.

Meanwhile, I assume Corbett hasn't complained about the front page since he's not shown wearing a hat.