DA to City: Drop Dead

Looks like Lynne Abraham is trying to out-do Hillary Clinton as Pa.'s true Annie Oakley:

Philadelphia DA Lynne Abraham says the city's newly enacted gun control laws are unenforceable.

At a hearing on Tuesday before City Council, Abraham (above) said that in her opinion the laws passed last week are illegal and will be challenged as soon as the first person is charged under the new statutes.

What does that mean?

When asked point-blank by a city councilmember if her office would enforce the new city gun control laws, she replied, "Nope."

There's a profile in courage -- an entrenched party hack afraid of a bold move aimed at cutting the city's murder rate, afraid of getting sued. That's funny, because she's never worried about the millions of dollars that are spent and arguably wasted on her relentless pursuit of the death penalty. But I guess that Lynne Abraham -- "America's Deadliest DA" -- is mainly tough on crime after it takes place, not before.