Crunchwrap Supreme

Lots of sizzle and hype, in front of hundreds of empty calories. Are there two words that better sum up Sarah Palin than what we now know -- thanks to Palin's unofficial Boswell, Levi Johnston -- is her junk food addition: The Crunchwrap Supreme? Indeed, I hereby move that "Crunchwrap Supreme" become Palin's official nickname, into the 2012 presidential race and beyond.

The other tasty morsel from her grandson's father's sleazy but hard-to-resist to tell-all is this: Explaining that the "mystery" of Palin's abrupt resignation as Alaska governor this summer is about as unmysterious as it gets: She wants to cash in on her fame. That's quite a statement on the American Dream in 2009, that the Almighty Dollar is worth more than bolstering your resume for a shot at the White House.