Corbett takes a break from his war on women to declare victory in his war against poor people

Why them? Why now?

In Nicetown, Marie White is wondering how she will continue to feed a 10-year-old neighbor for whom she has become a surrogate mother.

In North Philadelphia, Linda Oliver does not know how she will pay her gas and water bills.

And at Recovery King in Germantown [they] are asking if they will have to turn away recovering addicts.

Those worries have festered for months, ever since Gov. Corbett announced the end of General Assistance, or G.A., a program that helps 70,000 of Pennsylvania's poorest and sickest residents. General Assistance payments stop today.

There are places Corbett could have found the money for these folks. Foe example, there's the money he's spending to run ads and educate people about a completely unnecessary voter ID law. You could have done things differently, but he didn't. Because Tom Corbett doesn't care about poor people.