Common sense -- from Harrisburg of all places!

Amazingly, some common sense emerged from Harrisburg today. The bad news is that it didn't come from Gov. Corbett, who'll be announcing his let-them-eat-cake-budget to the peasants of Pennsylvania at 11:30 a.m. It comes from Tim Briggs, outgunned Democratic state lawmaker from Montgomery County:

Even if we had the highest severance tax in the U.S., the companies would still drill and make billions. A tax wouldn't chase business away; it would protect local taxpayers from having to pay for the damage drillers cause to roads and drinking water.

Unlike the greedy gas-drillers, unions are willing to do the right thing and negotiate to help the state stay solvent and provide needed programs for the middle class. A fight to demonize hardworking state employees and our public-school teachers by stripping their rights away may soon jump from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania.

Our state's unions have expressed willingness to make concessions if it means keeping the middle class strong. If they are already willing to compromise, how will stripping our teachers, firefighters, police and other public servants of the right to join together and negotiate for fair working conditions save more money?

Hey, Briggs in 2014! Meanwhile, Pennsylvania may no longer exist by then if "The Naked Guv" has his way. I'll be tied up most of today with some fair and balanced budget coverage for the new-and-improved Daily News -- the time's yours for now.