Come on up for Christie's rising

A couple of months ago I mentioned that New Jersey -- the world's leading innovator of bizarre political scandals -- deserved better than either Jon Corzine or Chris Christie. Upon further review, this new information may tip the scale in this battle of (not political) heavyweights:

There are many ways to determine people’s New Jersey-ness: where they grew up, perhaps, or how they talk. But on the most culturally resonant measure, Springsteen fandom, Mr. Christie, the Republican candidate for governor, is way off the charts.

He has attended 120 Springsteen concerts, in places as far away as Paris and London, and once ducked out of a Trenton fund-raiser — “Gotta go, another event!” he said — and raced to Philadelphia, arriving at the Spectrum just as the band was cranking up “Badlands.”

His devotion has created complications this week, as Mr. Springsteen arrives at Giants Stadium on Wednesday for the first of five shows and Mr. Christie is locked in a close campaign for governor with the Democratic incumbent, Jon S. Corzine.

Over the objections of aides, Mr. Christie is insisting he will attend Wednesday’s concert — despite a crucial debate on Thursday — and at least one more.

Alas, I'm beginning to wonder if New Jersey will get a true Springsteen fanatic in Drumwhacket or Drumstickit or whatever it is they call their governor's mansion in this strange land. Why? Because the leading independent candidate, Chris Daggett, has been on the air with his commericals and is, as Bruce would say, rising -- because voters are so delighted that there's someone who's not Corzine or Christie. In the long run, though, the Democrats have a more solid base in New Jersey, so I think Daggett is taking votes from Christie. That is exactly what this new poll from the Garden State is showing,

Maybe "Born to Spend" will trump "Born to Run" after all. Me, I'm voting for "Gypsy Biker":