C'mon up for the rising (of liberalism)

This dude is awesome -- guitar player for the Boss, ex-"Soprano," and now Little Steven is here with some big marching orders for the Democratic Party:

Then the next two years ambitions were thwarted by the Tea Party and that was that.

The Dems needed to lay out in detail what their thwarted plans would have meant for the American economy, jobs, social safety net, the future, etc. What they needed to say was THESE are the guys who voted against all this good stuff and if you don't get up off your ass and VOTE THE BAGGERS OUT -- NOTHING WILL GET DONE FOR ANOTHER FOUR YEARS!

But nobody said that.

I also love his laundry list of policy ideas, although I'm not so sure about the sugar part (see photo at top of blog). Loosely related, does anyone else also remember that Steven Van Zandt had a great side project in the '80s called Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul? You can hear them at the bottom. Programming note: I'm a little jammed up today but I'll have more "content" tonight -- including what they're not telling you about the Chicago teachers' strike.