'Civil disobedience doesn't work for Boston'

So is Boston mayor Thomas Menino talking about Occupy Boston here...or the (real) Tea Party? I have to agree with "some guy on the Internet" who called this the dumbest quote ever. Although I did hear that those dirty 1773 hippies smelled bad, and they must have also been -- to borrow a phrase that an apoplectic-sounding Chris Stigall uttered about 100 times on the radio this morning -- "urine soaked." I'm sure Dr. Freud would have some thought about that.

In other news, I'm unemployed again! This time, however...

It's for a whole week -- although I'll be working on something really cool. Then I'll be back at the Daily News, God willing, on Wednesday the 19th, and I'll be blogging away until the next time that I'm not employed here.

Have fun without me.