Can the unexplainable be explained?

Elmer Smith weighs in on the Foot Hood massacre:

That trail will go cold. The committee will find only the most tenuous connections between Hassan and any terrorist affiliations just as it has found no terrorist links on his computers.

But it will issue a detailed report. Its findings will be preserved in the annotated archives of mass murder and draw dust until the next spring-loaded nut job spins out of control and starts mowing down innocent bystanders.

We can always come up with something from the catalog of homicidal motivations to rationalize the irrational. Was it a family feud or a money dispute?

But there is no "real reason" for a psychopath to make himself the arbiter of life and death.

Basically, I agree -- although I think there are some caveats that I'll be adding later, This afternoon's a travel day for me, and full-time blogging finally resumes tonight, Until then, consider this an open thread to discuss what's happening. Other than the agony and the ecstasy of health care reform, unemployment topping 10 percent, more fallout from Fort Hood, the end of the SEPTA srike, a bunch of expected and unexpected Phillies moves and that other Philadelphia sports franchise That Shall Not Be Named, I didn't really miss anything in my time away, did I?