Bring 'em home, Barack!

It's all fine and good that President Obama is keeping those campaign promises about closing Gitmo and taking climate change seriously: These are the things that a majority of Americans elected him to do. But there's one more area where these same folks must continue to pressure the new administration, and that is the promise to curtail the U.S. troop presence in Iraq in 16 months.

Because I don't ever again want to see a story like this, nor do we need to:

BAGHDAD (AFP) — Four US soldiers were killed on Monday when two helicopters crashed in northern Iraq, American and Iraqi military officials said.

"Four coalition forces members were killed when two aircraft went down in northern Iraq at approximately 2:15 am (2315 GMT Sunday)," a US army spokesman said in an initial statement.

The cause of the incident is unknown but does not appear to be the result of "enemy action," a separate US military statement said later.

A horrific loss, with condolences to their loved ones. But those soldiers should not have been in Iraq in the first place. Let's bring their comrades home -- ASAP.