Breaking news: 'Republican Group to Promote Conservative Ideas'

No, seriously, that's the "shock" headline in the New York Times today: "Republican Group to Promote Conservative Ideas."

WASHINGTON — A group of prominent Republicans is forming an organization to develop and market conservative ideas, copying a successful Democratic model and hoping to capitalize on the fund-raising and electioneering possibilities opened up by a recent Supreme Court ruling.

Actually, underneath the remarkably lame headline, there's an interesting tale here, specifically:

1) For three decades, the Democrats have tried to copy the right-wing road map to success, usually with disastrous results (look at how well Air America replicated the success of Rush Limbaugh & Co.). It's weird to see the GOP try to copy something the Dems did.

2) The key here is the role of the Citizens United ruling -- let the flood of dollars begin! And who's interest is being served here? This should give you a clue:

Republicans who are donors, board members or both include Haley Barbour, the governor of Mississippi; Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida; Ed Gillespie, like Mr. Barbour a former chairman of the Republican Party; Fred Malek, an investor and official in the Nixon and first Bush administrations; Robert K. Steele, a former executive of Wachovia and Goldman Sachs who was a Treasury official in the second Bush administration, and Kenneth G. Langone, a founder of Home Depot and a former director of the New York Stock Exchange.

I'm sure that line-up will impress the Tea Party.

3) This whole story about a think tank to promote conservative ideas....doesn't mention a single idea!

Just sayin'.