Breaking news: Police arrest Wall Street bigwigs

Boy, I had you going there, didn't I? Actually, I probably didn't. You probably knew the headline was a joke (or a "joke") the moment you read it. This is America. We would never arrest a Wall Street executive or a political leader for the kind of corruption that really matters. You know, like scam mortgages or bogus foreclosures or student loans for kids who'll never be able to repay them. If they have sex with a hooker, maybe we'll arrest them. OK, actually probably not for that, either.

It's not like I'm holding up Great Britain as nirvana on earth. To the contrary, the Watergate-ish collapse of the House of Murdoch has exposed that journalists, the cops, and some leading pols across the pond have been rotten to the core for some time. What's different is that when the Brits realized how thoroughly the stench of corruption rose to the highest levels, powerful people ACTUALLY GOT ARRESTED.

It used to happen here.

Will it ever happen again?