Miracle on 41st Street

The New York Times reviews "The Backlash." Check it out -- I think there's something in there for everyone.

For other immediate family members, etc., who want to keep up with the book....

1) Progressive radio host and best-selling author Thom Hartmann reviews it for Truthout.org.

2) Dave Weigel, considered the top beat reporter on the Tea Party Movement and MSNBC contributor on the subject, also reviews "The Backlash" for Slate and compares it quite favorably to what we here at Attyood like to call "Brand X."

3) This week over at The Daily Beast, I'm debating liberal pollster Douglas Schoen who has a different take from me about the right of the Obama backlash, in a book co-authored with GOP pollster Scott Rasmussen called "Mad as Hell." You can read the first installment here.