Book it -- Attytood on your TV today


If you're a fan of CSPAN2's Book TV -- and who isn't! -- you'll be able to check out Attytood for what Larry King would call "the full hour!" at 2 p.m. (Eastern) this afternoon. It's a tape of the book event that I did in Washington, D.C., last month with David Brock of Media Matters. I invite to watch and learn more about "Tear Down This Myth" and the distorted legacy of Ronald Reagan -- whether you want to learn about or not.

If you're a fan of Villanova, and who isn't right now, you may be too jacked up from last night's game to sit still for a full hour.

If you're a fan of ants, they have no blood.

UPDATE: If you're one of those Attytood readers who'd rather see the real Ronald Reagan than Your Blogger, check out this classic video of the Gipper on Meet the Press...from 1974! Times sure have changed.