Being Non-White In Philly

Wait, weren't we just talking about this?

Philadelphia police have committed "an intolerably high level" of civil rights abuses through their stop-and-frisk program, the American Civil Liberties Union said Tuesday, threatening new court action against the city.

The state chapter of the ACLU, which has monitored the program for nearly three years, said in its first public report to U.S. District Court Judge Stewart Dalzell that nearly half the police stops in 2012 were unconstitutional and that few guns were found in the searches.

"Unfortunately, there has been no significant improvement in the quality of the stops and frisks," the report said, stating that 215,000 people - mainly minority men - were stopped last year as part of the program.

"There is an intolerably high level of unlawful stops and frisks . . . Unless there is a dramatic change in the practices, we will be compelled to seek judicial relief," it said.

The beat goes on.