Baloney or bologna?

The great debate, courtesy of I've always been partial to "bologna," because like most Baby Boomers I grew up with Oscar Mayer weiners (see, I know how to generate comments :-).)

OK, if you insist, I will add this: You know who's really mad at John Featherman right now? Not me, as someone who's known and respected John since 1998, when he was a bold Libertarian who had little patience with either party. But I can guarantee that they are absolutely livid in Tom Corbett's press office now, because they are desperate to keep this story -- of a governor's tangled ties with lobbyists and business execs and what looks to all who've seen this as a prima facia violation of -- wait for it -- the Governor's Code of Conduct -- out of the headlines. Instead, John Featherman put this story in the news for one more day. Thanks, John.

Also, you know what other Commie leftist pinkos think there's something serious to all of this? The editorial page writers in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Scranton and Lancaster. I guess they're all in on the vast left-wing conspiracy, too.