Area man wants Social Security benefits to increase!

File this under "News of the Weird"...just kidding. Actually, it's a conversation we should be having. Philadelphia's Duncan Black -- better known as the blogger Atrios -- makes a persuasive case in a USA Today op-ed against the corporate-led push for 401Ks. He has a different idea.

The 401(k) experiment has been a disaster, a disaster which threatens to doom millions to economic misery during the later years of their lives. Proposals to improve our system of private retirement savings -- even good ones -- will offer little to no help for the baby boomers who are currently nearing retirement, and are also unlikely to be of sufficient help for current younger workers. We need to increase Social Security benefits, now and in the future. It's the only realistic way to provide people with guaranteed economic security and comfort post-retirement.

We definitely need to move the Overton window on the great Social Security debate a little to the left.