Apparently, 'that one' is the new word for 'lie'

So Donald Rumsfeld has this book out that says...well, it says pretty much everything you'd expect Donald Rumsfeld's book to say. There is this, though:

As for declaring, as he did in the first weeks after the invasion of Iraq, "We know where they are," referring to suspected stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction - well, Rumsfeld would like to take that one back, too.

Heh, that's funny. Of course, since there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and in fact there apparentrly had not been any for a number of years, the reason that Rumsfeld would like to take "that one" back is because he was lying. Maybe someday someone will free the Washington Post from the tyranny of the inverted pyramid and they can actually say that.

Donald Rumsfeld lied.