An ungroovy side of 1968 (with today's bonus track)

What's so funny about peace, love, and understanding? "Anonymous" (not Joe Klein, apparently) reminds us that '60s "free love" didn't always come free, and the women of 1968 faced a hostile array of choices:

But when my period was late, I panicked. I made up a story, borrowed a wedding ring and went to the doctor to get enough God-knows-what pills to bring on my monthly cycle. They didn't work.

My parents would never have paid to send me away to have the baby, nor paid for an abortion. More likely, my parents would have killed me. As for keeping the baby, my mother didn't like children.

I was on my own. I understood the moral dilemma, just like my former classmates in a religious college on the Main Line, who also chose to terminate.

After much soul-searching, I borrowed a few hundred dollars to handle it my way.

Despite the efforts of a persistent minority in this country, it's hard to imagine that time coming back. On a more upbeat note, the DN also celebrates the fashion and the incredible music of 1968, which we  also do today with another amazing song from that magical honoring musical legend Mitch Mitchell, who played the drums on this record and who died this week, as well as all the Vietnam veterans featured in this video: