American goal differentialism


America has just cheated "death." Not the nation America -- God only knows what will come of that. I mean the U.S. men's soccer team -- few people expected them to escape the so-called "Group of Death" at the World Cup in Brazil, which included world powers Germany and Portugal as well as surprising U.S. nemesis Ghana. But that's what they did -- beating Ghana. tying Portugal in the heat of the Amazon rainforest and then losing, predictably but not embarassingly, to Germany this afternoon. They topped 16th-Century colonial power Portugal on something called "goal differential."

If this a great country or what?

To those people who think that's a chintzy way to advance, especially after losing's not. The U.S. played solid futbol for 270-plus minutes while Portugal, which had a total meltdown in its game with Germany, didn't. That said. it was Ronald Reagan namesake Christiano Ronaldo who scored the killer goal today to knock out Ghana -- so thank the spirit of the great Gipper.

The U.S. -- barring some highly unlikely happenings in today's late games -- will play Belgium on Tuesday. Monty Python has something to say about this"