America, what went wrong? Um, porches?

This is a small, weird issue that's always fascinated me -- the front porch is finally coming back (h.t. Atrios):

Front porches are making a big comeback. It's not quite a return to Norman Rockwell's Americana, but the rise in the number of new homes with porches hints at a shift in the way Americans want to live: in smaller houses and dense neighborhoods that promote walking and social interaction.

Two-thirds of new homes built in 2011 had a porch, a trend that has been on a steady rise for almost 10 years, according to a Census survey of construction.

The pace of new homes with decks and patios that are more expensive and take up more space, usually behind homes has flattened. New homes with front or rear porches has grown from 42% in 1992 to 65% in 2011, Census data show.

People always want what they don't have -- and in the 1950s, '60s and '70s what people of a certain means wanted was..privacy. That showed they were "movin' on up" from the city -- but something was lost in hte process. Now, some folks realize what they missed -- saluting their neighbors, or even just knowing who they are. That's why this is good news, I think. Even if you don't believe that it takes a village, it's a nice thing to have one.