Friday, November 28, 2014
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Also not a democracy...

Pennsylvania's arcane laws thwart democracy

Also not a democracy...

I don't know much about Bob Guzzardi's politics, although it seems like -- as a prospective GOP primary candidate for governor -- he was running to Tom Corbett's right, so I wouldn't be a fan. That said. the Pennsylvania Supreme Court threw Guzzardi off the ballot today for a bizarre technicality -- he filed the proper financial disclosure form on time, but not to the right place, apparently. Is that really a reason to toss an otherwise valid candidacy? But this kind of baloney happens in Pennsylvania all the time -- the entrenched powers often use our convoluted electoral system to make sure that citizens don't even get a chance to vote for the less entrenched. The other day I wrote about how, on the national level, the plutocrats have effectively snuffed out democracy. In Pennsylvania, we're just trying to get democracy on the ballot.

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