A message to you, Rudy: Man up

Rudy Giuliani -- from "Winston Churchill" to quivering Jello-like mass of fear in just eight short years. Maybe it's domestic bliss? It was just a few short years ago -- during the Bush years, if I'n not mistaken -- that Giuliani was happy to testify at the domestic criminal trial of a foreign-born al-Qaeda plotter, Zacarias Moussaoui. Wonder what changed?

Legal expert Andrew Cohen had a must-read piece in the Washington Post about some of the myths about trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York. He notes:

Trying Mohammed in New York will significantly raise the risk of another terrorist attack there. Fact: No one can determine how big that increased risk would be. But New York has long been able to safely host trials of terrorism suspects -- including the trial that followed the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center -- and its security systems are among the world's finest. I have seen, during the Zacarias Moussaoui trial in 2006, just how intense security can be in terrorism cases. It's awe-inspiring.

Rudy should go. He might learn something. He could also listen to Pat Perry:

Pat Perry, whose son was a police offer killed on 9/11, says she would rather see the Guantánamo detainees who have been held without charge “appear in open court where we can all sift out what we feel is really the truth and the judges can make a decision based on our Constitution.”

These 9/11 family members all say they agree that holding detainees without charge in Guantánamo is a betrayal of American values and they look forward to true justice being served in federal court.  

“My son gave his life to save those trapped in the Twin Towers,” Welty says, “and it does not honor him that we violate our Constitution in retaliation for what happened on September 11.”