This killer likes Piers Morgan and supports gun control, there!

Of course it's big news when an ex-Los Angeles cop goes on a killing spree, but the Right seems particularly obsessed tonight with the horrific crimes of Chrs Dormer because....because it's a convoluted tale of policing, politics and race, because it's a killer who said nice things about Piers Morgan and who supported gun control.

Which means...what exactly?

At the end of the day he's just another American with mental health issues who had access to a gun, just like the paranoid anti-government lunatic down in Alabama, just like the many, many, many, many others before him. He was just nutty in different ways.

Ii's just more proof that we need to re-double our efforts for anything -- from background checks to a better mental-health system to banning killing mass-killing mechanisms like high-capacity magazines -- that will bring gun sanity to America,