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POSTED: Thursday, April 30, 2009, 10:41 PM

Something of a shocker in D.C. tonight as Supreme Court Justice David Souter prepares to announce his resignation. At 69, he's nowhere near the typical retirement age for the Supremes -- but he's also a sane person who hates living in Washington. Bully for him. Souter was like that movie character who shows up an enigma (thank you, George H.W. Bush) but turns out to be a pretty good guy by the final reel. It's ironic this happens the same week that Specter switches parties -- talk about the end of the road for moderate Northeastern GOPers!

For Obama, it's a chance to try on some cosmetics. What do I mean by that? He's going to replace a Republican dude who turned out to be a liberal with a Democratic female who we'll know is a liberal. So the court will look different, but in terms of the law, nothing changes. Ironically, Obama could leave a huge stamp on the court, with two or three appointments in just the current term, without changing the ideology of the Supremes at all, because it's the liberal wing with more age and health issues.

POSTED: Thursday, April 30, 2009, 9:59 PM


It's Magic -- the 76ers have been made to disappear for five months. The Sixers could not have defeated Penn and Teller tonight (well, probably not Penn, as as in the University of...). I was actually glad to be at my desk writing a story about swine flu instead of watching this pathetic is that? 

I was listening to local sports talk radio this week and they almost sold me on the unthinkable, which is trading (T.) Young and going old with Miller, Iggy (OK, he just seems old) and Brand. I don't know. They need a pro center AND a shooting guard who can shoot. As Spongebob says, good luck with that...

POSTED: Thursday, April 30, 2009, 7:58 PM

How sick is this? -- psychologists who pushed for torture, and made huge bucks in the process. They must have taken the hypocritic oath.

It's been one of those weeks -- now back on the swine flu trail for the DN. Sorry for the lack of posts -- and forgetting what day it was when I did. I'll have new posts when I get off deadline.

POSTED: Thursday, April 30, 2009, 9:11 AM

Horse names have always been a little strange -- what exactly is a Secretariat, other than a new cabinet position in President Obama's new 5-year-plan that he's soon be rolling out? But seriously, is there a better name for 2009's top horse in this era of wanker-banker bonuses and torture regimes than I Want Revenge.

He'll have to beat a very tough field in tomorrow's Kentucky Derby, which includes such top horses as Credit Default Swap, War President, Overseas Contingency Operation, Toxic Asset, Orange Alert, I Want Cheney to Go To Jail, and Enhanced Interrogation, which despite his name has never been beaten.


POSTED: Wednesday, April 29, 2009, 8:57 PM

POSTED: Wednesday, April 29, 2009, 8:30 PM

Has there ever been an elbow in the history of mankind that did as much damage in one night as Dwight Howard's? He injured a Sixers' player, injured a teammate, and now he's injured Orlando's chances of winning the series. Too bad the refs didn't make the right call and eject Howard in Game 5 -- as they're supposed to -- or it could have been the Sixers FTW tomorrow.

POSTED: Wednesday, April 29, 2009, 8:14 PM

The WHO now says the swine flu outbreak has gone from a 4 to a 5, because...well, it's one louder.

Seriously, so far the flu situation has been a test for a lot of folks, but especially the American media, which needs to walk a tightrope between telling the public what it needs to know without sounding alarmist. So far, I'd give F-minus. Today was a case in point -- the fact that there was a "U.S. death" from swine flu breathlessly led all the newscasts for hours, even after the critical fact was added that the unfortunate child who passed away was a Mexican who contracted the virus there and only came here seeking hospital treatment. Nothing is ever put in any kind of context. Just wait until the media learns that 36,000 Americans are killed by the flu...every year! They'll never cover anything else again.

POSTED: Wednesday, April 29, 2009, 11:37 AM

Pennsylvania is getting a history lesson from South Carolina today.

I guess we don't know our own state that well. All this time, you thought the reason that the Keystone State hasn't gone Republican in a presidential election since the days of big-hair rockers and break dancing -- and that we now have two Democratic senators and a Democratic governor -- was because soccer moms in Montgomery County were tired of anti-choice judicial appointments and global warming denial, because waitresses out in Pittsburgh were sick of waiting for health care, because the culture wars that created so many "Reagan Democrats" a generation ago now had many people exhausted and ready for change.

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