Attytood Archive: October, 2012

Why Tuesday may kill the Electoral College

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This election reminds me a little of the 1997 World Series between Cleveland and Florida, which produced six really boring games and then... Read more

When 44 met 45

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Ya think? Come back shortly and I'll have some half-baked thoughts about the state of the race. Read more

Another fine mess

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The real October surprise: President Obama and Gov. Chris Christie, together again for the first time. So are you a bitter cynic who think... Read more

Too soon to talk Sandy and climate change?

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The skies were brightening over Philadelphia on the way into Center City this afternoon, as Hurricane Sandy skedaddled for parts north. It... Read more

There may be a slight delay in takeoff...

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That's LaGuardia Airport under there somewhere. Read more

I've got the power!

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My neighborhood in Delco is one of those places where the power occasionally shuts off during a heavy mist (that's only a slight exaggeration)... Read more

God smites Obama states one week before the election

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Just thought I would do Pat Robertson's job for him, in case Virginia Beach has been evacuated. I'm sure you'll hear this at some point this... Read more

In the race for president, Attytood endorses...

Comment icon 0 Comments one. If you've been reading this blog from the proverbial Day One (late February 2005, if you're keeping score) you'd know that... Read more