Attytood Archive: October, 2011

The greatest blog ever in the history of humankind....

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The objectivity trap

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I haven't had the opportunity to weigh in on the ever-maddening actions over at NPR. which when its ethicists aren't fervently debating how... Read more


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Please check out and enjoy this new-ish video from FOA Bob Nark: Read more

The funniest video I've seen since the last funniest video I've seen

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Three great reads (and one great cartoon) on Occupy Wall Street

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Charles Pierce at Esquire -- fast becoming a go-to blogger on all things political: Make no mistake about it: The actions of the police... Read more

That's exceptional, America!

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Greece, Chile, Mexico and Turkey -- it's not the newest offering from Taco Bell: It's one thing if you live in a market economy where everyone... Read more

Who wants to go to Firedoglake?

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I'll meet you there at 2:30 (Eastern)! It's a chance for "you people" (I'm channeling my inner Ross Perot) to interact with real liberals... Read more

Why we fight

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This is what the Oakland cops are fighting to protect: WASHINGTON — The top 1 percent of earners more than doubled their share of... Read more