Attytood Archive: September, 2009

UPDATED: Where Glenn Beck gets his ideas

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It's Glenn Beck's world -- for better or, um, worse -- as evidenced now by his appearance this week on the cover of Time magazine, which... Read more

Inquirer editor says you're going to pay for this

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This was buried in a much longer, interesting story from Editor and Publisher, but if Inquirer editor Bill Marimow had his way, you would... Read more

Everything you need to know about the Baucus health reform plan...

Comment icon 0 Comments contained in this story: Shares of U.S. health insurers rose broadly on Tuesday on hopes a health reform bill would not include... Read more

MLB throws $1 million in good publicity back on the field

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OK, this isn't the biggest crisis facing America or anything, but does anyone else think it's knee-jerk stupidity on the part of Major League... Read more

Rare footage proves that not all Philadelphia sports fans are monsters

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This video is going totally viral, and how amazing is to see the world talking about a Philadelphia sports fan without the words "batteries... Read more

Another one rides the bus

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Jon Stewart reads the Drudge Report (video below), and also check out this excellent example of what we'll have to start calling school bus... Read more

Drudge, Limbaugh and the sad return of "Racial America"

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When I was in college a long time ago, I read a book called “Subliminal Seduction,” which chronicled how Madison Avenue tricked your... Read more

Got a happy story?

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Then the Washington Post is your newspaper! (h/t Romenesko) On one point, there is no dispute: Katharine Weymouth did not like the subject... Read more