Here comes Joey Boo Boo

Keep your shirt on, Democrats. They've called in their clean-up hitter:

SO WHICH Vice President Joe Biden will show up in Kentucky for Thursday night's critical debate?

Will it be . . . a) the shirtless "Joe Biden" who washes his Trans Am in the White House driveway, who offers guitar lessons on fliers outside the Oval Office, who wore a ponytail to the 2008 inauguration and once headed off to Mexico to cool his heels for a while?

Or will it be . . . b) the vice president who dropped an F-bomb on his boss the day that health-care reform passed, who said the middle class has been "buried" during President Obama's years in office, who once claimed that Franklin Roosevelt addressed the nation on television after the 1929 Wall Street crash (four years before FDR's presidency and a decade before TV) and who posed with that biker lady on his lap?

Or . . . c) the Joe Biden that can fire up a union hall with talk of his Irish-American roots in blue-collar Scranton, a happy warrior who blasts the Republican ticket for wanting to replace Medicare with "Vouchercare" and defends the Obama administration with the line that "Bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is alive"?

Look, I'm sure if FDR was able to go on TV and calm a jittery nation in 1929 that Biden can have the same impact on President Obama's re-election.

I'll be talking the debate on the Twitter machine tonight and then writing about it on the bark of trees that are right now being crushed into pulp in order to bring the news to people without electricity. See you then!