1-for-7: Pennsylvania House Dems (or two innings of the Phillies' offense)

So I click on today's Inquirer story about 7 U.S. House races to watch Pennsylvania, and it's hard not to think that I'm watching the GOP grab at least six of them -- even in Bucks County where likable Iraq veteran Dem Patrick Murphy has a stellar track record in Congress. Maybe Democratic Rep. Paul Kanjorski saves his seat in central Pa., but the dude only won by 3,000 votes when he had Obama's 2008 coattails. so.... The bizarre thing is that the only race that the GOP is blowing is the one that's most winnable -- the beltway of extreme northern Pennsylvania now represented by conserva-Dem Chris Carney; the district voted 54 percent for John McCain in 2008, but the GOP candidate looks like a loser on several fronts, most notably in the money department. So there ya go, 1-for 7, which also happens to be...

...a typical two-inning stretch for the much balleyhooed Phillies' offense on days like yesterday (when I was at the Bank...jinx) and at least the first half of today's baseball bonanza. I never thought I'd see the Phils phone it in during the September stretch drive -- their 2010 incarnation is and will be a complete enigma until this long strange trip ends, one way or the other.

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