Pure Entertainment

Every Tuesday night, after 10:00pm, upcoming filmmakers and daring film lovers are welcomed to have a drink and enjoy Fancy Pants Cinema’s short film screenings. Held at The Lounge of restaurant North Third, the event is always free, so the only cash you might want to bring is for the booze and the menu, which runs until midnight.

Fancy Pants is the amorphous lovechild of the cinematic experience and the age old past time of getting blasted on rum with friends on movie night. Officially running for five years, the event now has at least 240 screenings beneath its belt. Throughout its run, Fancy Pants and the Lounge have hosted an expanded variety of people, projects and programs, from the Sundance Channel to the Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival to Drexel’s DUTV.

Fancy Pants Cinema also touts the unique format of a semi open mic-style approach to their screenings. For the hipsters who yearn for “pure” entertainment, no films are pre-selected, assuring that screenings remain completely unbiased. Instead, filmmakers are encouraged to provide the night’s entertainment by arriving armed with their own personal projects and ready to give a few words of introduction to audience.

From the mind-boggling experimental short film to the ambitious student television series, all local, independent filmmakers have a chance to be seen. The only present rules and regulations are that films should be recorded on either a DVD or VHS, and that all films be kept to a maximum of 15 minutes.

One might imagine that the smorgasbord of content would be overwhelming — or the range of talent cringing. The overall effect, however, is a charming convergence, where the artist, the audience and the critic are all the same.

Screenings provide filmmakers with an open outlet to present their work and patrons have the opportunity to see the creativity this city has to offer.  

North Third
The Lounge
, 3rd & Brown Streets
Free, 21+, Every Tuesday beginning after 10 p.m.