Keeping it Funny, at Benna’s

Remember the pure joy and excitement you felt when you got your hands on the Sunday funnies? Do you remember when you called it “the funnies”? The scent of the newspaper’s ink, the playful illustrations and the grid format made reading the comics a sensory experience.

But now we’re all grown up, and I highly doubt any of you are scrambling to get your hands on the latest Sunday circular. Thanks to modern technology, tangible papery comic strips are kind of a thing of the past. But, for some of us, we still enjoy the playful light-heartedness of comics. In this day an age, all topics are up for satire. Just take a look at anything from The Oatmeal or Cyanide & Happiness.

As nostalgic young adults, we all crave a time warp back to those times and Benna’s Café latest art show, The Funnies, has done just that—with adult-minded subject matter. The South Philly coffee shop is currently displaying a number comic inspired works until April 11th. The show features the work of Liz Prince, Beth Heinly, Brady Dale, K-Fai Steele, Kettner, Emily Moroz, Cyn Why?, Sally Madden, Joseph Hasenauer, Ramsey Beyer, Issa Revell, Pat Aulisio and Joanna Quigley

Benna’s Café
1236 S. 8th Street
Open 7 AM - 6 PM Weekdays, 8 AM - 6 PM Weekends