Imprisoned Art at Eastern State

Exploring Eastern State Penitentiary (Photo by: Jorge Quinteros)

Eastern State Penitentiary is known to be one of Philadelphia’s most haunted national historic landmarks, but spirits are not the only characters to walk the prison’s dark corridors. The penitentiary, that once housed some of the world’s most dangerous criminals, like Victor "Babe" Andreoli, Leo Callahan, and Alphonse "Scarface" Capone, now displays artist instillations and historic exhibits.

This Friday, March 15th, Eastern State Penitentiary opens their gates to let visitors grab a sneak peek at their 2013 exhibits and tours. The entire day is free and open to the public. Get ahead of the curb, and check out Eastern State Penitentiary’s latest featured work before the official May 10th opening reception.