Giant inflatable poop among many strange sculptures in Hong Kong

The feces-inspired object "mocks its picturesque surroundings and pokes fun at the prudent qualities of public sculpture,"

A 51-foot-tall inflatable feces installation was one of many strange public art pieces on display at the site of the future Hong Kong visual art museum.

The large brown sculpture was created by L.A. artist, Paul McCarthy, and he calls it Complex Pile. The artist gave no rhyme or reason, according the museum's executive director, but the whole point is that it makes a statement; a really big, brown, shiny statement.

Unfortunately for the poo, it felt the wrath of mother nature's rain storm and was "flushed" as a result.

The international inflatable art exhibit also features a gargantuan cockroach, a pair of buried legs, a Stonehenge bouncy castle and a giant suckling pig.


Source: Huffington Post