Exhibit of the Week: Science as Muse

They’re beautiful, the sculptures in Science as Muse, the latest exhibit at the Clay Studio; there’s no doubt about that when you see how intricate each ceramic creation is. But they’re also a little unsettling.

Is that a bowel shaped out of leafy greens? But what’s that peeking through—a set of ribs? Starring at the delicate filaments that make artist Lauren Gallapsy’s Teratoma, it’s easy to get caught up in the craftsmanship. Now take a step back. Does it remind you of human organs?

Science as Muse was created in conjunction with the Philadelphia Science Festival, so it’s no surprise there’s something organic about these creations. Inspired by everything from biology to botany, these contemporary ceramic artists have come together to produce organ-shaped tea cups, miniature universes, and blossoming fruits.