Exhibit of the Week: Intimately Preserved

“Amplifying the Obvious” Found photographs and lace, 3"x4", 2013 (Emmett Ramstad/emmettramstad.com)

Emmett Ramstad's latest show might give you an unnerving feeling. The Philadelphia-based visual artist is known for exploring human bodies, in a way that could make the average person feel uncomfortable.

His latest solo exhibit Intimately Preserved at The John J. Wilcox Jr. Archives Exhibition gallery is inspired by research at LGBT archives in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Bloomington, Indiana. By exploring the idea of “kept objects”, he draws a connection between intimate items and art by displaying them as sculpture, print and hung pieces.

The exhibition reveals how saving particular objects, arranging them in a certain way and disposing of other items marks us as both similar to and unique from each other. Remnants of hair, discarded undergarments and personal scribes adorn the small gallery space, making it an intimate experience in itself.

The show will remain up until this Friday, March 29 2013.


William Way LGBT Community Center
John J. Wilcox Jr. Archives
1315 Spruce St