Moving day


In today's tumultuous media environment, there comes a time when free-agent scribes such as myself are wise to diversify. That time is now.

WHYY, the public media service in Philadelphia (more traditionally known as Public Broadcasting), has lured me - so, beginning Monday, this blog will move there, under a new name. You can even check it out today - at - and list it in Favorites. There's scant furniture in the room yet, but I left a note pinned to the door. has been a great host these past four and a half years. Cranking out a political blog, which requires provocative text five days a week, is a taxing exercise that can't be done without significant in-house support, so I especially want to thank Wendy, Jonathan, Bob, and Tony for watching my back. And while I'm certainly inviting my clamorous community of readers to link the new site every weekday, I'm obviously hoping that you'll also continue to avail yourselves of the extensive menu.

And even though I'm moving and reinventing the blog, my Sunday Inquirer print column will continue to be posted online at, and I'll surface in live chats sponsored by the Inquirer editorial board. In fact, a chat is scheduled for Monday. Such are the perks of diversification, and the expanding options for staying in touch. Let's do that.