VIDEO: Watch the rest of yesterday’s half-time ‘Seinfeld’ Reunion

Yesterday’s Super Bowl half-time brought us a great many moments in entertainment, but one stuck out above the rest: Jerry Seinfeld’s promised Seinfeld reunion. But at only five minutes, the three-member reunion left a lot of viewers wondering, that was it?

Well, kind of. There are actually an additional five minutes available from the episode online, featuring Seinfeld, George Costanza, and the nemesis of all nemeses, Newman. So, you actually waited 16 years for about seven minutes of video—not a paltry two.

In actuality, the Seinfeld “reunion” seems to have been Seinfeld’s coy way to tease the new season of his Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee web series. However, the episode—which shows Seinfeld driving Costanza (Jason Alexander in character) in a 1976 Mopar Pacer—is more than worth the wait. The pair have lunch at the legendary Tom’s Restaurant before being interrupted by—who else—Newman.

Behold, the last new vestige of Seinfeld the world will ever see:

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