VIDEO: John Mayer's new song is (probably) about Taylor Swift and/or Prancercise


John Mayer and his floppy Neil Young hat are back and they're getting ready to drop a new album called Paradise Valley. He's released a lyric video for the first single called "Paper Doll." Does that video prominently feature the Prancercise lady prancercising her heart out to the new single? Only hell yes.

Also, the song really sounds like it's about Taylor Swift. Swift's "22" is surely still on the charts somewhere and the subject of Mayer's song is (supposedly), "22 girls in one." Also, he sings that, "someone's gonna paint you another sky." In Swift's "Dear John," (famously about Mayer), she croons, ""you paint me a blue sky and go back and turn it to rain."

Interpret the lyrics as you will, but definitely check out the new tune, if only because it's an excuse to get more Prancercise in your life.