U-Turn: Philly mag cover kerfuffle is political correctness run amok

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From politics, we’ve learned that the apology can often make things much worse than the regretted act. It’s not much different... Read more

U-Turn: GOP fireworks in Phila. City Council race

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After a lackluster summer, the busy fall political season is officially underway, and Philly’s At-Large City Council race is suddenly... Read more

Featherman: Stop the coronation! Kenney's not mayor, yet

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Jim Kenney isn’t mayor. Not yet. Nor is he mayor-elect. Not yet. But you wouldn’t know it in this year’s mayoral race... Read more

Featherman: With the Amtrak crash, everyone's an expert

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I love how everyone's an expert all of a sudden. Take Michael Nutter, the Philly mayor whose performance during the initial aftermath of the... Read more

Featherman: Nutter, butt out

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It’s tough being Michael Nutter. The mayor of our city has never really received kudos for much of anything – even his meager... Read more

Featherman: Nutter's disgraceful defense of the indefensible

Shameful. That’s how I will remember Michael Nutter. I hope you will, too. Nutter, who has spent all of 2015 trying to redefine his... Read more

Featherman: Why is an NJ teacher having her children send get well cards to Mumia?

Convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal has a group of well-wishers from both an Orange, New Jersey third grade class as well as from high school... Read more

Let's not give in to ageism and sexism this mayoral election

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Ageism is alive and well. After one of the most popular politicians Philadelphians have come to know took a serious fall, there’s been... Read more