Who was that Good Samaritan who fed stranded Turnpike drivers?

One of the good Samaritans this morning who fed stranded drivers involved in the massive pileup on the PA Turnpike was none other than my friend and colleague Steven Hunn, 46, of Huntingdon Valley, PA.

Hunn, who is the Area Manager for home inspection firm US Inspect, posted a video on Facebook  which showed him going around to cars that were in the accident.

Hunn told his Facebook friends, “Kudos to the Southampton McDonalds and Wendys (both on 2nd Street Pike). I contacted both today and they graciously donated cheeseburgers. I took the burgers along w/ 2 cases of water to the Buck Rd overpass in Southampton, parked my car, jumped the blockade and started handing out cheeseburgers/water bottles to the poor people stuck on the PA Turnpike.”

I called the Wendy’s located at 295 2nd Street Pike in Southamption, and General Manager Jill Mattis told me that Hunn did indeed stop in around 1 p.m., and she donated 20 burgers to him to help feed those affected.

A spokesperson from the McDonalds at 338 2nd Street Pike also confirmed to me that they gave Hunn an unspecified number of burgers on the house.

I’ve known Hunn for over 10 years. He and I both teach at the Real Estate Institute at Temple University. He’s a stand-up, no-nonsense guy, and with his name emerging as one of the heroes today, it’s no surprise to me or the many others who have commented on his Facebook page.

Said his friend Jill Haywood Cairns: “Good Samaritan of the week, goes to you !!!!! That's what Valentine's Day is all about!”

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