Still time to buy an Eagles ticket - at face value?

Good news for Eagles fans.

But, as they say in the late-night infomercials, “act fast before it’s gone!”

If you go to this Ticketmaster link, you may still be able to purchase individual seats - without any special codes or premiums - to this weekend’s Eagles-Saints playoff game at the Linc.

Just choose the “Full Price Ticket” option, enter 1 for the number of tickets. You’ll then be asked to type back a message to confirm you’re a live person, and then, voila, a ticket should pop up.

[Yes, a special offer was made to season ticket holders and waiting list holders earlier this week. And yes, you can buy tickets for resale through the Ticketmaster's official Ticket Exchange for the NFL, Stubhub or other sites.]

I told my Facebook community this last night.

Several people came up with the same results I did. Some did not. Those that did not kept getting directed to a page that said tickets were not available.

I told them to keep trying.

They did.

And every single one that reported back to me told me they were finally able to score tickets.

One of my friends’ stories was amazing. Even though he was only able to generate results when he searched for single tickets, well … he got pretty lucky.

“It was a little maddening to sit there entering info over and over again, but I've had a similar experience a few years ago - regular season games with tickets that seem to become available the Thursday or Friday before the game, but single tickets only,” my friend privately messaged me this morning on the condition of anonymity. “In this case, I managed to find a single seat after about the 30th try, but then when I tried to enter my credit card info, it wouldn't accept. I tried that 5 or 6 times before it went through. I immediately went back in and tried it again, and after about the 10th time, I landed on another single ticket - which just so happened to be adjacent to the first ticket I had bought. You just need a lot of luck and persistence.”

Luck and persistence, indeed.

And never give up. From Winston Churchill to others, we’ve heard that phrase many times before.

I’ll amend it, 2014 style. Never, never, never ever give up trying to get your Eagles tickets.

By the way, it’s 12:39 p.m., and you can still get tickets! The photo I posted is one I just found.