Saturday, July 26, 2014
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The Onion lampoons Philly again

The Onion lampoons Philly again

(AP Photo/George Widman)
(AP Photo/George Widman)

Satirical media outlet The Onion has put the Philadelphia sports fan in its crosshairs again, this time informing readers that the city has elected a D battery to the sports hall of fame.

[Satirical meaning 'not real,' so remember that, because some people do not.]

Reads the article, "The D battery is as synonymous with Philadelphia sports as intoxicated fistfights, cheering for a severely injured player, or intentionally vomiting on a child... No other projectile has had the same impact on Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, or 76ers games. The D battery is an icon, representing the very best of Philly.

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The quote is attributed to, but almost certainly not said by, Ray Didinger.

In our defense, there have been six Phillies home games already this year - and one Dollar Dog Night - and someone has yet to be electrocuted in the outfield, though the David Wright-haters were probably out in force.

So. Progress.

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