Today in Philadelphia History

The birth of the Gray Panthers movement - in Philly

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Margaret Eliza Kuhn was born on August 31, 1905, in Buffalo, New York. She graduated from West High School in Cleveland and then attended... Read more

The man behind Lankenau Hospital

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John D. Lankenau (1817-1901) was perhaps the greatest Lutheran layman in 19-century America. Born in Germany, he emigrated to America in 1836... Read more

Fix Pegg's Run, Northern Liberties residents pleaded

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On August 29, 1820, a group of residents of Philadelphia and Northern Liberties wrote a letter to the Philadelphia County Board of Health about... Read more

The Philadelphia race riot of August 1964

The Philadelphia race riot of August 1964 was one of the first in the civil rights era. It took place in the predominantly African-American... Read more

Henry Hudson claims the Delaware River for the Dutch

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Great cities have great rivers, and the city of Philadelphia has two of the finest and most historic rivers in the United States: the Delaware... Read more

Mother Jones' "Children's Crusade" returns to Philadelphia

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In the early twentieth century, child labor was a pervasive phenomenon. Few laws protected the children from the hazards of their workplace... Read more

Eagles play their first game at the Vet

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On August 16, 1971, the Eagles played the first football game in Veterans Memorial Stadium. The Eagles defeated the Buffalo Bills 34 to 28... Read more

Ethel Barrymore born in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia was hometown of "America's First Family of Theater," the famous Drew-Barrymore clan. Lionel and John Barrymore had a sister,... Read more