Photo: Pregnant Duchess Kate names cruise ship

Britain Kate Cruise Ship
Britain's Duchess of Cambridge attends a Princess Cruises ship naming ceremony to officially name the new Royal Princess cruise liner at a gala ceremony, in Southampton, England, Thursday June 13, 2013. It is expected to be her final planned solo event before the birth. (AP Photo/Chris Jackson, Pool)

The wild side of Kate Middleton is coming out. On Thursday, she smashed a champagne bottle and wore leopard print!

To mark the debut of a hulking cruise ship aptly titled the "Royal Princess," the duchess wore a leopard print coat paired with an intricate hat and black pumps.  

According to officials, this was the Duchess of Cambridge's final solo public appearance before she is expected to have her baby in mid-July. She will retire to the home of her parents for the duration of her pregnancy.

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