People's 'Most Beautiful' issue has 7 from area

Amanda Seyfried of Allentown in People Magazine's "Most Beautiful" issue for 2013.

5 Thiings Wrong With People's 'Most Beautiful' Issue

1. 4. The "World's Most Beautiful Woman" is Gwyneth Paltrow. Now? "She's more gorgeous than ever at 40" gushes People about Iron Man's amour. Paltrow's take: "'Obviously not true.''

2. There's no clear list of who's No. 2, etc. Lots of pictures (mostly tiny). Lots of names. Handful of sections. But no clear list. Even though promises one.

3. Fickle, fickle, fickle. Two years ago, Jennifer Lopez was named "World's Most Beautiful Woman." Last year, Beyonce. This year, they're reduced to comments about insecurities about their "skinny wrists and ankles" (Lopez) and "My ears," Beyonce.

4. Christine Baranski. No offense. Just sayin'.

5. Six guys. Whatever, but seems kind of weird to see pictures of more than 60 women and then see Usher next to Adele. Guess People counts them, too, because Halle Berry, Jessica Biel and Lopez share a page with  Channing Tatum.

That said, here's a "local" list based on everybody pictured by People.

7 "Most Beautiful" women from Philly area

In order of appearance in issue

1. Tina Fey,"30 Rock" star/creator, from Upper Darby. Online, People oddly includes her in "Hollywood's Unconventional Beauties" because of "facial scar, the result of a random act of violence from Fey's childhood when a stranger cut her cheek."

2. Valerie Bertinelli, "Hot in Cleveland" star/weight-loss pitchwoman, born in Wilmington, Del.

3. Toni Jones Johnson,of Sewell, N.J., selected to represent beauty at age 54 from 20,000 women who sent pictures to Top 4 age-group vote-getters were from Indianapolis (20s), Chicago (30s), Los Angeles (40s) and Endicott, N.Y. (50s).

4. Patti Ann Ridgway, of Lambertville, N.J., selected to represent beauty at age 57 from 20,000 women who sent pictures to

5. Amanda Seyfried, busy film star ("Les Miz," "Dear John," "Mama Mia") raised in Allentown. Only person besides Paltrow to get a two-page photo in print. Picture third in online gallery, with effusive quote: "She's anything but ordinary: With her perfect porcelain skin, wide eyes and lush locks, the 27-year-old is a true standout."

6. Taylor Swift, singer/songwriter who spent early years in Wyomissing, Pa. Quoted in article "What Have You Learned to Love About Yourself": "I'm pretty pale. In high school I was insecure and thought it would be cool to go to a tanning bed. Now I just let it look the way it looks."

7. Pink, rocker from Doylestown. Quoted in print as saying she learned to love "my insatiatable thirst for finding the truth." More quotes online, including, "I know my strong points: I work hard, I have talent, I'm funny and I'm a good person."


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