Of course Amanda Bynes calls former crush Drake 'ugly'

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Amanda Bynes in happier, better days. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

That's a whole lot of ugly for the Internet, Amanda Bynes.

On Thursday, the troubled star tweeted, "Drake has the ugliest smile, ugly gums uneven teeth ugly eyes." She then deleted the post and followed up with, "I won’t deny calling @drake ugly."

This isn't Bynes' first time describing the artist as such. In April, she took to Twitter to flirt with Drake sharing, "I want @drake to murder my vagina." When the rapper did not respond to her social media-fueled advances, Bynes posted a split-screen Twitpic of her "What I Like About You" co-star Nick Zano and Drake noting, "Hot to the left and Ugly @drake to the right twitpic.com/cn1np1.

But by now, Bynes' toxic comments aimed at public figures- some of whom have directly shown concern for the star- have sadly become standard remarks from the star. The word "ugly" seems to be perpetually stamped on the tip of Bynes' tongue, especially with the running list of targets she's denounced in the last two months via twitter.

- Rihanna
- Lance Bass
- Jenny McCarthy
- Kid Cudi (Scott Mescudi)
- Courtney Love
- Aubrey Plaza
- RuPaul
- Chrissy Teigen

One question lingering as a result of such overwhelming "ugliness" is this: Why is Amanda Bynes fixated on publicly determining who's attractive and who's not?

How is it that someone, who in her early twenties projected a wholesome Hollywood perspective, has evolved into a 27-year-old with an obsessive and unhealthy perception of beauty?