Nick Cannon signs on as producer, co-star for ‘Drumline’ sequel

Devon Miles, Devon Miles, Devon Miles—how we’ve miss you. Looks like Nick Cannon will be reprising the role that made him a star in the long-rumored, and now officially upcoming, Drumline sequel. As the inimitable Dr. Lee once said, it’s showtime.

Cannon will produce and co-star in the sequel, currently titled Drumline: A New Beat, reprising his role as a New York youth turned drum king courtesy of higher education. Filming is set to begin in fall of this year with VH1 producing. 

Drumline 2: Electric Boogaloo A New Beat won’t pick up where the 2002 original left off, though. Instead, the story will follow Dani Bolton, a Brooklyn girl who attends college in Louisiana against her parents’ wishes. Why would she do that? To revive their defunct but once-amazing drumline program, naturally.

Drumline was not just a successful film; it was a cultural happening,” Cannon said in a statement. “Even though it was released over a decade ago, I am constantly approached by people on the street who tell me how much of an impact it made on them.” 

And what an impact it made: The original Drumline nabbed more than $56 million in profits in the US alone. Whether Dani Bolton’s drum story has the same draw remains to be seen—until next year, anyway. 

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