App shows the effects alcohol can have on your face

The Scottish government has released a new app as part of its "Drink Smarter" campaign.

The short term effects of binge drinking are rarely pretty.

Hangovers - including headaches, the compulsive desire to vomit, dehydration, and physical and mental exhaustion are some of the initial consequences of partying too hard the evening before. (Or several evenings before, for some). But the residual effects on our long-term health and beauty are even less promising.

The Scottish government has released a new, free smartphone app called Drinking Mirror as part of its "Drink Smarter" campaign, an effort to curb excessive alcohol consumption. Users upload a photo of their face, then select the range of drinks they consume each week (options include 1-5, 6-10, and 10+). The mirror then calculates how their face will develop and age if they were to continue consuming alcohol at the current rate. The results typically are not reflective of the coveted notion of “aging gracefully.”

For the vain, this tool should make them reconsider if that fourth or fifth glass of wine is the right choice. Either that, or whip out the eye cream because those fine lines and wrinkles are looming ahead.